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Aescripts Moglyph FX v2.04 for After Effects (WIN)
10.05.2021, 03:56

Aescripts Moglyph FX v2.04 for After Effects (WIN)
Requirement: After Effects 2020 - CC | File size: 11.69 MB


Generate and animate glyph clones procedurally, just like in Cinema 4D's Mograph module.
You won't believe what you gonna create within one text layer !

Generate and animate glyph clones procedurally, just like in Cinema 4D's Mograph module. You won't believe what you gonna create within one text layer !
Well known by Cinema4D users, Mograph still remains one of the most powerful and robust procedural cloning and animation module.

AfterEffects users can taste a little bit of its power for free, thanks to the "Fracture" and 2 "Effectors" (Plain and Random) that come with the Cinema 4D Lite version, packed with every AfterEffects CC version. But it is definitely limited and frustrating, since the most interesting tool is still missing : the CLONER !

How many times a motion designer has to duplicate and animate sequentially a bunch, sometimes dozen, of similar graphic shapes in their projects ?

Of course you can animate your designs with keyframes, then duplicate them, sort them with a time offset... but it is time consuming and what if you are asked to change the whole animation later ? Well, you'll have to redo the entire process, again and again, until your client is really satisfied !

Some existing tools aim at making this process way more efficient and less tedious, but you'll still end up with a lot of duplicated layers in your timeline, and, who wouldn't prefer to keep a well organized timeline, just like in Cinema4D, where you can just deploy or close objects hierarchies to keep things tidy up.

A lot of new features have been added to the version 2 of MoglyphFX. To name a few :
- The UI Panel has been changed with a brand new third "HELPMATE" tab (that contains some Effectors utilities and mostly a new Assistant that allows you to create a new custom Moglyph font interactively)
- 2 new GROUP and SOUND effectors
- Support for 3D per Glyph (new X and Y rotation properties for every cloner and every effector)
- Ability to change the dimension (2D or 3D) and the colors of the Cloners on the fly, as well as the Effector's Falloff settings
- New transform and style options available on a per Glyph basis (new Glyph-N pseudo-effect)...

What's New :
- Added support for macOS 10.15 in the licensing framework

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