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After Effects (English)
28.05.2024, 17:31

After Effects (English)
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 34 Lectures ( 1h 24m ) | Size: 1.1 GB


Tutorials on AE
What you'll learn:

Learn the fundamentals of editing software, familiarize yourself with essential tools, and advance towards advanced techniques.
Explore audio editing, sound synchronization, and the integration of music and effects.
Learn about the implementation of effects and their combination.
Conclude the course with a comprehensive set of skills to create visually impactful content for personal or professional projects.

Tutorial on After Effects

Welcome to the Video Editing Course: From Basics to Advanced Techniques! This course serves as a gateway to the exciting world of video editing, designed to take you from fundamentals to advanced skills that will enable you to create visually stunning content.We'll start from scratch, ensuring you grasp the basic concepts of editing software. You'll learn to navigate the interface, import and organize footage, and become familiar with essential tools for effective video editing.As you progress through the course, we'll delve into more advanced techniques. You'll explore color correction to ensure your videos have a professional and cohesive look. You'll also learn about visual effects, from simple adjustments to creating complex compositions that will elevate your projects to the next level.Audio editing is another crucial aspect we'll cover. You'll learn to synchronize sound, enhance audio quality, and mix music and effects to create an immersive auditory experience that complements your visual work.Furthermore, we'll delve into visual storytelling, exploring how to convey narratives through video editing. You'll learn techniques to enhance narrative flow, create tension and emotion, and keep your audience engaged from start to finish.By the end of this course, you'll have a comprehensive set of skills that will enable you to create visually impactful content for both personal and professional projects. Whether you aspire to produce your own short films, promote your brand online, or work in the film and television industry, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve your goals. Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your video editing skills to the next level!

Who this course is for:
People that want to learn editing

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